Cans of Luminous Beings by Wye Hill brewing sitting amongst foliage

Luminous Beings Brings Home The Gold!


Sara Abernethy



BIG NEWS, Y’ALL!  Luminous Beings, Thiolized Hazy Pale Ale has brought in quite the collection of gold medals this month!


Gold medal – 2022 Great American Beer Festival in Juicy/Hazy Pale Ale!

The Great American Beer Festival is the country’s most prestigious beer festival and competition featuring over 100 styles from around the US, and we couldn’t be prouder of Greg, Nick, and Owen and all their hard work on this delicious effort.  Way to bring home the gold!






Gold Medal – 2022 NC Brewers Cup in Juicy/Hazy Pale Ale – what a way to celebrate NC Beer Month!  




Luminous Beings in greenery.

-What is a Thiolized Pale Ale?-


Certain strains of yeast unlock what are called “bound thiols,” and express themselves as  additional flavors that exist naturally in hops and malt but won’t come out without help. Incorporating Cosmic Punch hops in the fermentation process specifically brings out flavors of passion fruit, guava, white grape skins and other tropical fruits.


(If you’re a wine drinker – the best comparison for these notes could be found in many styles of Sauvignon Blanc.)


It’s been a huge focus of hoppy beer brewing for years (also called “biotransformation”) but these newly developed yeast products have moved the needle substantially in terms of making these juicy flavors a reality in beer.


Experience this magic for yourself with Luminous Beings, now in cans and on draft at Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing!