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The Team

The People Behind the Beer

Greg Winget

Director of Brewing Operations, Wye Hill Hospitality

Greg’s passion for craft beer can be traced back to his origins in Indiana, where early beer experiences were highlighted by Midwest stalwarts like 3 Floyds and Bell’s Brewing. In 2013 he began home brewing and left his job as a professional writer to see where this passion might lead, migrating between many different positions in the craft beer world: bottle shop beer buyer, distributor sales rep, bartender and taproom manager, cellarman, small batch experimental brewer, shift brewer, and finally head brewer at Wye Hill. These experiences have given him a broad palette to work with when developing new beers, with a focus on unique flavor combinations, local and foraged ingredients, and highly drinkable hoppy beers.

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Nick Weber

Brewer, Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

Hailing from Connecticut, Nick was inspired to escape winter and moved to the Triangle in 2015. A long, windy career path led him to beer, including a decade of cooking professionally, and a big takeaway was exploring fermentation as a vehicle for preservation. After exploring charcuterie, tempeh, vinegars, shoyu and koji-based fermentations, alcohol was the only stone left unturned. Once Nick quit his day job for a position washing kegs, he's never looked back.

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Owen Harrison

Brewer, Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

Owen's background centers around chemistry, a critical component of the art and science of brewing. After working in R&D for medical devices and polymers, he wanted something more hands on that might use the same knowledge. Craft beer was the perfect fit! He studied for 2-3 years before joining the canning line at Fortnight Brewing, and has never looked back.

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The Team 

the people at wye hill Kitchen & brewing

Erin Morrissey

General Manager, Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

Originally from Richmond, Erin lived in South Carolina for about 8 years before moving to Raleigh in 2020, when she made a career change. Erin worked as a server all through college, but never thought she'd find herself in hospitality full time. Joining our team in 2020, she has played a key role in the evolution of Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing throughout the most unpredictable and challenging seasons the industry has ever encountered. She loves the fast paced environment that comes along with hospitality, and also bringing people together to create a sense of community.

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Chris Freed

Kitchen Manager, Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

Hailing from Maryland originally, Chris thrives in the fast-paced, high energy environments that come with working in restaurants, not to mention appreciates the close bonds formed with co-workers. It's so great to be a part of a team that always has each others' backs. Since moving back to the Raleigh area, Chris has discovered a passion not only for cooking but the creative process of what gets put on the plate. Wye Hill is the perfect place to bring a group of people from a large variation of backgrounds into a spot to put out high quality food. Cheers to what's next!

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Kurt Szczesniak

Service Manager, Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

A Capricorn who loves long walks on the beach, Kurt moved from Upstate NY in 2020 and joined the Wye Hill Team in 2021. He has been in the hospitality industry for most of his adult life. When not working, you'll find him at the gym or spending time outside with friends and family. Kurt loves trying new foods, restaurants and cooking things at home as well. He sees recipes as "guidelines", as opposed to instructions, never to be followed 100%. Inspiration in the moment is part of what makes a great meal!

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Kevin Kang

Bar Manager, Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

Originally from Charlotte, Kevin went to NC State for enviornmental engineering and graduated in 2021. Kevin joined our team during the turbulence of 2020 and quickly became known as "The Silent Assassin" on the floor. Eventually he found his groove behind the bar and in 2022 was promote to Bar Manager where he oversees everything cocktail, wine, beer and guest related. Outside of work, you'll find him either on his skateboard or exploring new places.

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Lovell Mims

Floor Manager, Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

Born and raised in Holly Springs, Lovell got started in hospitality at the ripe young age of 14 years old at the local Sonic that is still around today. When he's not here holding down the fort, you'll find him spending precious quality time with his son.

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Melanie Wiesen

Shift Lead, Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

Mel earned her Bachelor's from USF in Magazine Journalism, and worked writing about Arts & Entertainment content (reviews, profiles, q&a's) for a few years. Simultaneously, she worked in (and fell in love with) the hospitality world/service industry enjoying every element of the industry-- be it providing a really special experience for the customers or cultivating relationships with co-workers. After graduating, she worked as an opening and traveling trainer for the same company for about a decade, during which time she learned a ton of self awareness and how to connect with others. When she's not working behind the bar or in the front of house at Wye, she's whipping up gorgeous content for the Wye Hill Brewing social media and blog posts, trying new wines or craft beers and making pasta from scratch at home.

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Zac Rogerson

Beverage Director, Wye Hill Hospitality

Hailing from Greenville, NC, Zac has lived all across our great state. After graduation, he spent some time in the legal field in multiple capacities before dipping his toe into hospitality. Looking for a change and hearing the buzz about Wye Hill replacing the previous establishment, he came on board as a server with our opening crew. Cocktails and all things beverage piqued his curiosity, and one concoction at a time he took over the beverage program. Zac is really into clarification right now, and you can try a clarified cocktail, both at Wye Hill and at Glasshouse Kitchen in RTP!

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Bobby McFarland

Company Chef, Wye Hill Hospitality

Bobby McFarland began his cooking career in Manhattan under the late Floyd Cardoz–a world-renowned chef and pioneer in Indian cuisine. In 2016 he relocated to Raleigh, where he has held leadership roles in numerous renowned establishments specializing in various cuisines, such as Royale and Snap Pea Underground. He currently oversees culinary operations at Wye Hill Kitchen and Brewing in Raleigh, and Ivy and Varley in Salt Lake City. Bobby serves as the company chef on the forefront of expansion for all Wye Hill operations in the triangle, as well as for the Realine group in Salt Lake City.

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Sara Abernethy, co-founder and co-owner of Wye Hill Brewing in Downtown Raleigh

Sara Abernethy

Owner, Wye Hill Hospitality

Hailing from Raleigh, Sara’s winding professional path began as an opera singer and theatre artist. When not on stage, she found a natural niche in the hospitality industry creating magical guest experiences on the restaurant floor or behind the bar. Sara has lived, performed, and poured a stiff drink across Europe, in New York City, and California. In 2017, she returned to Raleigh where she was greeted with a once in a lifetime opportunity to elevate one of the city’s landmark restaurant spaces into Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing. Sara is a certified wine slinger and holds a Level 3 Certification from the Wine, Spirit & Education Trust as well as the French Wine Scholar Award.

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Chris Borreson

Owner, Wye Hill Hospitality

A true renaissance man, Chris brings to the table 20 years of expertise in large scale operations with a keen eye for logistical efficiency and sourcing. Prior to Wye Hill, Chris had a 15 tenure as Technical Director for La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, where he managed a team of over 70 engineers and craftsmen in the execution and fluidity of detailed set designs for Broadway-bound full scale productions including Jersey Boys, Memphis, Jesus Christ Superstar, Come From Away, and Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. When he's not repairing kitchen equipment, he enjoys spending time with his baby daughter, Joie.

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