Sweet Life – Blast to the Past… and Straight into Summer


Melanie Wiesen


New Beer Release Post

Get Jiggy with our newest hard seltzer

The hard seltzer space in craft brewing is… interesting.

The sheer popularity of the low-calorie alternative has allowed the style to creep into the rotations of many craft breweries across the country. The demand is high, and it’s quite easy (and fun) for seasoned brewers to make a seltzer.

Ain’t It Sweet

We’ve experienced a lovely amount of success with our seltzer program at Wye Hill over the past few years. From the recurring favorite, the Magnificent S.O.B., to this past spring’s nuanced chamomile lemonade seltzer, Primo Fiore. Our brewers are making hard seltzers that they actually enjoy, while keeping the integrity of the process intact.

All of our seltzers have followed a fairly simple formula. Our brewers fermented corn sugar (dextrose), which is technically a grain-derived sugar. Then, they added aseptic fruit puree (100% real fruit). They also added special nutrients (Propper by Omega) and then performed a secondary fermentation with our house yeast (Lutra Kveik by Omega). The secondary fermentation diminishes the residual sugar that exists in the fruit, creating a product that is less sweet and more beery

Commercial seltzers, on the other hand, use a distilled base and flavor extracts. In terms of taste, there is really no comparison.

5 O’Clock Somewhere

Thematically, this year’s Live After 5 is a super nostalgic treat for every flavor of Millennial. The ‘80s/’90s monthly music series– which began

 last week– will feature 120 Minutes, Autumn Nicholas, Hard Tuck, King Akira, Adam Pitts and (the iconic) Spin Doctors.

Along with the slammin’ tunes, there will be food trucks, vintage vendors and activities on site.

A seltzer for all of your summertimes fun in the sun. Here’s to living the sweet life.