“Mixing With Melon” | Zac Rogerson Featured in Chilled Magazine


Eric Armitage


In The Press News


Congratulations to our beverage director, Zac Rogerson, for being published in local Chilled Magazine for his outstanding summertime signature cocktail, One In A Melon!

An excerpt from Chilled Magazine:

Our spotlight ingredient that is transforming cocktails in the Carolinas is melon.

Melon is one of the best summer fruits. Light, refreshing, and sweet, it only makes sense to find ways to incorporate it into your cocktails!

Whether you juice it, puree it, or turn melon cubes into ice cubes, the possibilities are endless!

Here are beverage directors Zac Rogerson, Morgan Hurley, and Ethan Schneider’s three cocktails incorporating melons in three different ways, using three different melons: Cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew.


So proud of Zac as he continues to be published and create amazing cocktails for the greater region of Raleigh and Durham to enjoy. Cheers to summertime coming up on us soon!